What People Have to Say about Dr. Paul

Rochelle G., dog mom

"Derek is amazing! Our dog had lost mobility of her back legs completely and is now walking again. We are so thankful!"

Amy M., cat mom

"Dr. Paul is an outstanding practitioner of veterinary acupuncture. Though my cat is not typically comfortable around men, he loves his time with Dr. Paul! I have an elderly cat with renal failure - his treatments from Dr. Paul give him great relief. Thank you!" 

Cris C., dog mom

 When my yellow lab, Scarlet, turned 8,  she started acting gimpy overnight. 

I started acupuncture with Dr. Paul. After a few weeks of treatments, Scarlet was back to her old (younger) self. We are now on a monthly maintenance schedule and she is doing great!" 

Happy Parents & Happy Pets

Cindy P., cat mom

 "Awesome!  I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Derek.  My 13 year old cat has been helped so much with arthritis pain and gastrointestinal issues.  

Duncan used to hide under the bed before a vet trip, but now he walks straight into his cat carrier and purrs when I tell him we are going to see Dr. Derek.  Thank you from both of us!" 

Teresa T., dog mom

 "My 17 year old Dachsipoo has seen Dr. Derek monthly over the past 3 years for acupuncture treatments.  

After having been told by a more corporate veterinary hospital several years ago that she would definitely need spinal surgery, I went looking for alternatives.  

Dr. Derek not only saved me from putting my beloved dog through unnecessary surgery, he brought a new spring to her step!  I credit him in large part for her longevity.  

Dr. Derek's laid back but competent, attentive style provides reassurance, and most importantly, results. I can't recommend him highly enough!"  

Shaina K., dog mom

"I would highly recommend PAWS! Our 14 year old terrier mix, Jackie, is always so relaxed with Dr. Paul and finds relief after her treatments, often acting years younger. Acupuncture is definitely providing her comfort in her golden years and improving her quality of life." 

Julie P., dog mom

 "Bo is a 12 to 14 year old Golden Retriever who has severe arthritis and hind leg weakness. [Another] vet recommended Rimadyl, but I didn't really want to go the pharmaceutical route unless it was my only option. 

We started to see Dr. Paul in late Spring of 2018 and the results were almost immediate. Bo had more energy and stability and was visibly more comfortable.  

Though he isn't able to play like a puppy, Bo's regular sessions have been the primary reason his quality of life has remained as good as it has. He still enjoys walks, attention and getting up on the couch. 

As somebody who hasn't had acupuncture myself, I had no idea what to expect, but I couldn't be happier. Dr. Paul has given [us] not just more time with Bo, but more quality time, and I'm so thankful to have found him."

Cris C., dog mom

 "Maddy (yellow lab) is “only” six. But SHE thinks she’s only one.  She got 'Lumbosacral spondylitis' (arthritis in her last vertebra) when she was two, but it has not kept her from her signature move of jumping straight up and into a 360 spin. 

So I was a bit concerned when she started limping from a sore shoulder and carrying her rear leg around periodically. Dr. Paul here we come! 

Monthly acupuncture has kept her shoulder from bothering her and she shows no signs of pain from her arthritis. Thanks, Dr. Paul!!" 

NIna K., dog mom

" I have been bringing my 14+ year old Labrador for acupuncture with Dr. Paul for about 7 months. It has helped her so much- you’d have to see it to believe it. She is running, swimming, and smiling like she is 4 years younger. It has helped her like nothing else. 

Dr. Paul is wonderful. He clearly cares about the animals and has volunteered to give a second opinion on a couple issues. I am ever-grateful to have found Dr. Paul and experience the benefits of acupuncture for my senior lab. 
Highly recommend. "