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Cats and Dogs Living Together! It'll Be Anarchy!

Well no, not really . . . Dr. Paul just quotes a lot of movies.  

PAWS provides acupuncture services for both cats and dogs, but never at the same time.  We see all clients privately, at set appointment times.  

We treat pets of all ages.  


We know you're busy, but this can't be rushed!

The initial consultation and treatment is about one hour in length. Follow-up treatments are approximately 30 minutes. Dr. Paul will discuss what to expect before treatment begins.  

Please keep in mind that, for acupuncture to be effective, the needles need to remain in place for a certain period of time (15 minutes, for example).  Dr. Paul will come to the appointment equipped with treats and toys that can keep your fur-baby distracted, safe and happy.  

Owners are the experts, though, so If you have ideas or thoughts about which tricks will assist Dr. Paul in treating your pet, please let him know! 


How long until I see results?

This generally depends on how severe or debilitating the condition is when your pet starts acupuncture.  Acute conditions (muscle strains and sprains, trauma, post-operative conditions, acute intervertebral disc herniations) typically respond quickly.  More chronic conditions (arthritis, chronic disc disease, hip dysplasia) may take longer to see adequate results. 

Dr. Paul develops a treatment plan for each client that includes a proposed number of visits and a timeline for symptom relief.